Bioré® Strip Ladies First Schedule Unveiled

Bioré® Strip Ladies First Schedule Unveiled

Festival producers revealed this year’s Ladies First schedule presented by Bioré® Skincare today, two days prior to the announcement of the full MPMF schedule planned for August 31. Throughout the September 27-29 festival, Jackson Street in Over the Rhine will be known as the Bioré® Strip, and 15 female-led acts will play on two stages inside of the Know Theatre venue.

Bioré® Skincare, one of Cincinnati’s own Kao USA Inc. beauty care brands, is partnering with MPMF for a second consecutive year in a continuing effort to bring attention to the prominent role women play at the festival.

In complement to the Know Theatre on the Bioré® Strip, MPMF will install its festival Box Office there, where a limited quantity of 1-Day MPMF Passes ($60) will be made available each day. The Box Office will be situated in front of Artworks.

“MidPoint is an amplification of Cincinnati, and our acclaimed local music scene has a long history of women leading the way,” says MPMF executive producer Dan McCabe. “I’m excited to have Bioré® Skincare help us tell that story this year.”

The complete MPMF schedule will be revealed on Friday, August 31 to coincide with the final night of the MidPoint Indie Summer Series at which Wussy, R. Ring and The Guitars are slated to play Fountain Square.

Know Theatre on the Bioré® Strip
1120 Jackson St., Over the Rhine 

Thursday, September 27

Main Stage:
Eternal Summers: 11:45
Kitten: 10:30
Belle Histoire: 9:15

Second Stage:
Vic and Gab: 9:30
Darlene: 8:30

Friday, September 28

Main Stage:
Wild Belle: 11:45
Frankie Rose: 10:30
TEEN: 9:15

Second Stage:
Ami Saraiya and The Outcome: 9:30
The Spruce Campbells: 8:30

Saturday, September 28

Main Stage:
Tennis: 11:45
Julia Holter: 10:30
Hundred Waters: 9:15

Second Stage:
The Shivering Timbers: 9:30
Bethesda: 8:30