MPMF.12 Artwork Available for Download

MPMF.12 Artwork Available for Download

Want to create your own posters, clothes, or otherwise interesting and useful things using official MPMF graphics? Well, come get some.

Monty is made freely available to you, our community of MPMFers, to use at your discretion. The only thing we ask is that you don't go messing with his mojo. 

This year's MPMF graphics were inspired by the continually concentrated yet ever expanding footprint of the festival; the character and vitality of the Over the Rhine neighborhood in which the majority of the venues are located; and the incomparable dynamics that arise among performers, fans, volunteers and businesses, breathing an uncommon and wonderful life into Cincinnati each September.   

Included on the downloads page are 3 digital backgrounds, in 3 sizes no less, 3 logo options in both eps and jpg formats, and color assignments. If you're curious to know what font we use, it's Helvetica, black for emphasis and regular for body.

From purely a design standpoint, our new equity graphic, the "soundwave", can be cut up and used in parts--the straight line by itself, the spike by itself, an abbreviated version of the line and the spike together, etc. It's very flexible. You can throw it on an angle, run it as a header or footer, bleed it from sided to side, top to bottom and so on.

Use your imagination--and have fun with it. We'll look forward to seeing your creations.