Vic and Gab

Vic and Gab

Vic and Gab are a song writing sister duo whose childhood hobbies in music have become their passion in life. Their music lingers in a mix of indie pop/rock genre with sweet harmonies, hooky bass and guitar lines that reflect their musical influences.

No strangers to the stage, Vic and Gab have been performing since they were fourteen in coffee shops, block parties and local festivals. The girls have recently found their way into the Milwaukee music scene landing a spot at Summerfest 2011 and other radio festivals. The duo was also featured on MTV SKINS US.

Victoriah and Hannah Gabriela, picked up the bass and guitar at the age of 11, by their teens they had developed a compilation of songs they had written all through high school. Joined by drummer Esteban "Snakes" Vazquez together they create a rocking power-trio.

Heavily influenced by the music their father played when they were kids, Vic and Gab have found their own style and unique sound. Bands such as Rush, Supertramp, The Cars, and The Police to name a few have made an impact on the girls. As their music
taste progressed Death Cab for Cutie, Shout Out Louds and The Killers are among their favorite bands.

Ecstatic about what the future may bring, Vic and Gab anxiously await new experiences coming their way!