Filament formed in 1994 in Cincinnati, OH. This partnership has taken various forms over the years, and the members have continued to inform and resonate off one another.

Drawing on a love of classic 1-guitar bands (James Gang, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Joy Division, The Police), modern experimental rock (Sonic Youth, Swervedriver, This Heat, The Flaming Lips) and a wide range of Hip-Hop, R&B, Jazz and Electronic influences, Filament has always been about an inquisitive approach more than any particular sound.

The band has a minimal guitar-bass-drums lineup, but the roles of the instruments bob and weave, and sometimes invert - the drum figure may be the "hook", the guitar the repetitive rhythmic figure and the bass may become melody.

Filament has released a string of well-received EPs, and are currently at work on an LP due for summer release.

Filament is greatly looking forward to appearing at MidPoint Music Festival Sept. 2012!ck should take note.