Eternal Summers

Eternal Summers

“This Virginia duo's debut could double as a hypercompressed essay on post-punk's shift into indie.” SPIN MAGAZINE

“You think you might get bowled over with its ramshackle guitars, but singer Nicole’s smooth, sugary vocals stream in and hold the song together like a velvet ribbon on a birthday package, unwavering and fealty” THE FADER on Secret Language

“Silver’s lo-fi production, post-punk charm, and exuberant songwriting lends itself well to tunes about teenage nostalgia and rebellion” NYLON

A dirty, lo-fi influenced power- and noise-pop trend currently dominates the indie music scene, a stand-out is Eternal Summers. - INTERVIEW MAGAZINE

“An embodiment of everything that was alluring about ‘80s-era indie rock: the simple pleasures of guitar, bass, and drums and a leading lady who belts and wails with skill” The ATLANTIC

“Yun and Cundiff display a pretty firm grasp of two quite disparate musical styles-- jangly post-punk and dream-pop-- and only occasionally allow those styles to interact.”PITCHFORK

“Before we delve into the debut album from the likely frontrunner for best lo-fi drum-guitar team in all of Virginia, can we take a moment to reflect on how good their song "Pogo" is?”The L Magazine

“The 2009 self-titled debut EP from Virginia’s Eternal Summers — one of last year’s best” GORILLA VS BEAR

“Music that runs that gamut from punk to pop to dreamy fun”VENUSZINE

“The Roanoke duo makes a virtue of its limitations, matching concise rhythms to noisy jangle in the mode of older stripped-down indie-pop acts like Pylon, Orange Juice, and Unrest.”ONION AV CLUB

“Eternal Summers have a knack for writing really simple, really catchy songs that are influenced by 1980’s indie pop, 90’s noise pop and anything else that has the kind of hooks that dig deep into your head.” ALL MUSIC

“Full of short, punchy ditties and short-and-sweet vignettes, Silver is all about the trials and tribulations of growing up after you’re supposed to have grown up.” POPMATTERS

“The Eternal Summers apply the economics of punk rock songwriting – short to the point, simple but a blast to play and memorable choruses - to their own form of jangly indie rock, which could best be described as lo-fi power pop”GHETTOBLASTER