MPMF.12 Artwork

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Create your own posters, clothes, or otherwise interesting and useful things using these official MPMF graphics. Monty is made freely available to you, our community of MPMFers, to use at your discretion. The only thing we ask is that you don't go messing with his mojo. Get creative. 

Rich Desktop Background
Blue Desktop Background
Yellow Desktop Background
MPMF11 Logo Option
MPMF11 Logo Option
MPMF12 Logo
  • PMS 447

    RGB 54,54,57

    CMYK 100,100,99,0

  • PMS 604

    RGB 244,210,33

    CMYK 15,9,99,0

  • PMS 226

    RGB 236,0,140

    CMYK 0,100,0,0


    RGB 0,166,214

    CMYK 98,0,0,0